February 2019 Pension Plan for Police and Non- Uniform

Survey Results

Phase II Comprehensive Plan – May 2019
Hello, Bell Acres residents –

We are moving on to Phase II of the Borough’s Comprehensive Plan Update. This involves setting up focus groups to brainstorm about the three key issues identified through the resident survey, the public meeting, and interviews by the Planning Commission members. These key issues are: 1) protection of green space and development of hiking and biking trails, and 2) Communication between the Borough and residents, and 3) Infrastructure issues.

We have begun by setting up a Communications focus group with more than twelve residents who have volunteered to participate. The group will meet once for a two-hour brainstorming session in late June or July, depending on the schedules of the participants.

If you have an interest in Borough communications with residents and/or are knowledgeable about some ways we might accomplish this in Bell Acres, please get in touch with Diane Abell at with any ideas or concerns that you might have. We are still very open to hearing from you.
Thank you very much – the Bell Acres Planning Commission