Welcome to The Borough of Bell Acres established on March 14, 1960. Population is approximately 1,350. Bell Acres Borough is 5.5 miles and is located in Allegheny County, conveniently located 20 miles from downtown Pittsburgh PA. It is comprised of mainly single family homes, two parks and numerous hiking trails.

Bell Acres to Update its Comprehensive Plan IMPLEMENTABLY!!

Please take the online resident survey at:
to share your concerns and views about life in Bell Acres!!!

Allegheny County strongly encourages every borough and township to develop a Comprehensive Plan in order to create a vision for itself and its residents that will provide guidance for future municipal decisions.

In many instances, these Plans – which are updated every ten years or so – end up sitting on shelves after expensive and extensive preparation. Stuffed full of charts, graphs, and maps, they are also loaded with well-intentioned goals and objectives that look good on paper but are often never realized.

The County is now encouraging the use of IMPLEMENTABLE Comprehensive Plans that focus more on the process of identifying just a few relevant community issues through resident input and then finding innovative, sustainable solutions for these issues. No more long lists of worthy goals that are rarely met, but rather 2-4 goals of the highest priority that are actually implemented!

Pashek+MTR, a consulting firm with a great deal of experience with this new “implementable” approach, will be working with Bell Acres on the current update of its Comprehensive Plan.

The first step in the update process will be to learn the needs, concerns, and wishes of residents through interviews, public meetings, and a resident survey.

We need your input – so please share your views and concerns by going to the online survey link above – and if you are interested in being interviewed, please indicate this on the survey!

We will keep you posted on upcoming public meetings.

It is the Borough’s hope that by working with the residents and other Borough stakeholders to really understand the community concerns of highest priority, Bell Acres can create a Plan that will better meet the current needs of its residents and will better prepare the Borough for potential problems in the future.

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