On January 28, 1854 by decree of Court the Township of Sewickley (Not to be confused with Sewickley Borough) was created from a section of Ohio Township. The surface of the township was exceedingly hilly, heavily wooded and the scenery was quite wild and beautiful. The first settler of the township was believed to be Frederick Merriman who came here about 1808. He bought 300 acres for a gun, an iron kettle and a sled. A Methodist preacher, Thomas McClelland came about 1811. He held services in his home. Wild game was abundant and forests were cleared for farmland. As the community grew three schools were built. As railroads in the area expanded ties were needed and many were cut from the wooded sections on Turkeyfoot and Sevin Roads by the Sevins lumber company. Around 1890 oil and gas were discovered and in a short time wells dotted the countryside. As the township was settled and the population grew, the citizens decided they needed a new form of government. On March 14, 1960 again by decree of the Courts Sewickley Township officially became the Borough of Bell Acres. The Borough has sustained slow moderate growth with a population of 443 people in 1870 to approximately 1350 at present. The Borough contains 5.5 square miles with most of this comprised of single family homes.