Permits & Code Enforcement

Permit Requirements

A Building Permit is not required for routine repairs or maintenance. It is required, however, for any improvement that involves new construction, a structural alteration or an addition. Permits are required for, but not limited to:

Zoning regulations also place various restrictions on the use of property and the location of all improvements and additions on the property. If you are considering any new construction, a structural alteration, or an addition, please call or visit the Borough Office before you make any commitments to a contractor or home improvement company.

Subdivision/Land Development

The Borough’s Subdivision/Land Development Ordinance regulates the dividing of land, adjustment of property lines, and development of lots for single family, multi-family, and other uses. Plans must first be reviewed and approved by the Borough.

Zoning / Code Enforcement

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Building Inspection/ Zoning Code Enforcement

Building Code Official/Inspector
Daniel Felton
BIU of PA (Building Inspection Underwriters)
345 Eicher Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15237 – E-mail
P. 412.766.2565
F. 412.766.2711
www.biupacom – Website
Bell Acres Permit Application Form

Borough Code/Ordinances

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